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Mochi Set

Shirakiku Koshian (500 grams) - Prepared sweetened red bean paste. Ready to use for wagashi making!

Koda Farms Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour (1 lb) - Mochiko is a glutinous sweet rice flour made from short grain Japanese rice. It is recognized for its sticky texture and is often used in a variety of wagashi recipes — particularly mochi.

Plastic Dough Scraper - a handy tool for cutting, portioning, and cleaning while making mochi!

Japan House Cares Wellness Box

Contains “The Art of Simple Living,” 1 Facial & Body Cloth, 1 Origami Crane Incense Holder, 2 Nippon Kodo Incense 50 sticks of each (tea and sandalwood), 3 Tabino Yado Hot Springs Clear Bath Salts, 1 Republic of Tea Get Wellness Stackable Tin, and 1 Soy Fabulous matcha candle and 2 cherry blossom bath bombs

Ganbaru! Calligraphy by Seiran Chiba Shirt - $25 each - Please enter in a number to the size(s) needed.
Extra Small
Extra Large

Ganbaru! Calligraphy by Seiran Chiba Shirt

Japan House Friends (Art by Maxx Gogski) Shirt - $32 each - Please enter in a number to the size(s) needed.
Extra Small

Japan House Friends Shirt

Ikebana Kit

Kit includes: - 24" Silver Wire Mesh - 24" Black Plastic Mesh - 36" Natural Flat Basket Weave - 12" White String - 1/4 Block Oasis Wet Foam - 2 - 9.5"x9.5" Sushi Rolling Mats - 2 - Clear Flower Tubes with Lids - 2 - Film Canisters - 2 - CD's - Assorted Decorative Paper - Assorted Wire

Art of Wagashi

Exclusively published by Japan House, this book features stunning full color images and over 75 wagashi recipes with detailed instructions and tips on how to make wagashi at home.

Isuzu Matcha

Isuzu, translated “Fifty Bells”, is an entry grade ceremonial matcha. The name "Fifty Bells" is a reference to the Isuzu river that flows through the Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture, Japan. While suitable for use in tea ceremony, Isuzu is excellent for everyday matcha drinking. Store in refrigerator or freezer to maintain freshness.

Bamboo Whisk

Traditional matcha is prepared with a bamboo whisk, called a chasen. This whisk is carved from one piece of bamboo and is uniquely designed to aggravate the finely ground tea leaves until they are fully suspended. Using a brisk “W” or “M” motion, you simply mix your matcha and water in your bowl (called a chawan) until the matcha is frothy and thus suspended.

Matcha Candy - Light

A hard candy with simple ingredients made from high-quality matcha with a light sweetness and heavy matcha flavor. Individually packaged.

JH House Cards

Featuring our most popular images of Japan House throughout the year printed on high-quality paper, these blank cards with matcha green envelopes are perfect for sending a note to anyone on your list.

Whisk Stand

A ceramic stand for storing and protecting your whisk while maintaining its shape. Essential for keeping your whisk mold-free and in perfect shape for the next use.

Crane Stand

Cranes are symbolic in Japan as a symbol of good fortune and longevity. The Japan House Interns make these strands of 10 cranes in an assortment of colors and patterns to bring joy to any recipient. No two are alike and specific patterns/colors cannot be guaranteed. Surprise someone as they pull cranes out of the box!