Transforming Challenged Units Conference

Principled Academic Leadership: Transforming Challenged Units Annual Conference

We are hosting our eighth annual working conference on Transforming Challenged Units Conference (formerly called the Confronting Challenges in Academic Units Conference).

The conference is entirely focused on collaborative discussions for solving problems brought by participant teams, with structure and guidance provided by the conference team. Experienced academic leaders serve as experts prepared to share their experiences and case studies, and to work with you as you devise a way forward for specific unit challenges. We encourage participation from institutions bringing multi-level teams, including provost, dean, and unit leaders.

Participation in the Transforming Challenged Units conference is by application only, and places are limited so that we can ensure that each participant receives the maximum value from expert support and peer perspectives. Only screened delegates participate in these closed meetings, bringing specific institutional challenges for consideration and discussion. Confidentiality is observed.

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