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Welcome and Inclusion

Digital preservation is all about collaboration. We cannot collaborate alone, and our success is best guaranteed by clearly stating and holding to our values of welcome and inclusion. Everyone has something to offer, and all are welcome in our dynamic and diverse community.

Therefore, the organizers of iPRES 2023 encourage all participants in the conference, and associated activities, to support us in our commitment to providing an experience and an environment that is inclusive, collaborative, caring and respectful for everyone, whether in-person or virtually.

As a community, we are diverse; we are from a wide range of social, cultural, and professional backgrounds and we are committed to inclusivity, free expression of ideas, and creating an experience in which participants feel welcome to learn and exchange ideas in an environment of mutual respect. We ask that all those who are participating in any iPRES event or within the iPRES community are constructive, accepting, and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

As hosts, we are committed to an enjoyable and enriching environment for people with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

You can find our full Policy of Welcome and Inclusion on the conference website.

By registering to attend iPRES 2023 as a delegate, you agree to share that spirit of respect and friendly professional inquiry in all your interactions.

Data Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of all personal data you provide us during registration for this event. The following statements describe what we are using your data for and how long we store it for, so you are fully informed prior to submitting your personal information on the next pages.

Why we are processing your personal data
We require your personal data to facilitate your registration for this event. The 19th International Conference on Digital Preservation will use your personal data only for purposes connected to this conference and no details will be passed onto any third parties for use beyond this conference without your express consent.

Who else has access to your personal data
Your data will be shared with other organizations and third parties in order to process your registration and support your attendance at the event. These will include:
iPRES 2023 Organizing Committees
Venues (if applicable)

Your data will be held in line with the University of Illinois System Privacy Statement.

How long we will store your personal data
Your personal data will be retained by us for up to 14 months after the conclusion of the conference. You can ask us about your personal data or withdraw your consent at any time by emailing ipres2023@gmail.com. Withdrawal of consent before the start of this event will result in cancellation of your registration, and cancellation fees will apply as per the Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your registration, you agree to these terms.

Payment of Registration Fees
Full payment must be made by credit/debit card at the time of registering. Cards accepted are VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. On receipt of your registration form, a confirmation email and receipt will be sent to you automatically. If you have not received this within one hour of registering, please contact the conference organizers.

Standard Cancellation Terms
All alterations or cancellations to your registration must be made in writing and will be acknowledged by email. Notification should be sent to ipres2023@gmail.com. An administration charge of $40.00 will be made to any participant cancelling before 1 September 2023. Registrations are non-refundable after 1 September 2023. However, if you are unable to attend, substitutes are welcome at no additional cost.

COVID Cancellation Terms
Conditions that apply to cancellations, substitutions, and rescheduling of the conference due to COVID-19 are listed below. All other cancellations will be subject to the standard cancellation terms.

Cancellation of the face-to-face event
If the face-to-face conference is cancelled as a result of an outbreak of COVID-19 restricting travel to, or circulation within Champaign, Illinois, iPRES 2023 will hold a virtual conference and all delegates will be transferred to the virtual event. All ancillary costs (cancelled flights, etc.) will not be the responsibility of iPRES 2023.

Registration changes
Delegates who are unable to attend the conference due to their location in a declared COVID-19 hot spot will be automatically transferred to become virtual delegates. It is the responsibility of the individual to contact the conference organizers if they are affected by a local lock-down, as no refund will be applicable to no shows.

Substitutions are allowed for delegates. Please notify the conference organizers if substitutions are required. Substituting a presenting author with an alternative person (one of your co-authors only) is acceptable. Note that we may be unable to change the name and order of the authors in the conference program and proceedings. No Shows will NOT be refunded.

Please thoroughly check the cancellation policy with your selected hotel prior to booking. We recommend that all attendees consider travel insurance.

By no means shall iPRES 2023 be held liable, either directly or indirectly, for any problematic issue that may occur within the framework of the conference and its organization, not only with respect to the organizers but also with respect to third parties (airline companies, hotels, transportation, taxis, etc.) while in the performance of duties or services even indirectly related to the conference. This contractual liability exemption clause is equally valid in case of an event of force majeure which leads to the disruption and/or the partial or complete cancellation of the conference program, for reasons not attributable to iPRES 2023. An event of force majeure is defined as an unforeseen and exceptional event – be it climatic, environmental, political or socio-economic – and does not imply any limitation. Furthermore, the delegate also expressly agrees to totally absolve iPRES 2023 from any responsibility and liability about travel insurance and related costs or claims. It is solely up to the individual to seek out and purchase or otherwise obtain the necessary insurance with regards to their travel, etc. and/or to independently issue a claim against any third party that may be responsible for direct or indirect losses or damages caused to or suffered by the delegate en route to and from the conference.

Validity of Passports
It is your responsibility to ensure that your passport and any required visas are valid for travel, and we recommend that you check with your local Embassy. Please note that some countries require your passport to be valid for up to 3 months from the date of return.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

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